END OF PSLE and 1989 Tour

When PSLE ends on 6th October IM gonna dance.. I will be so happy and go out with my friends, talk to y’all, tweet all day, play, listen to countless songs. However, I need to get good results. That is obviously the most crucial part. Ermmm yea… regarding TAYLOR Swift ‘s 1989 Tour, she’d be coming to Singapore which is where I live in. I am excited but I am not going but my friend is going and I am really jealous. The tickets have already sold out yesterday at 10am which is beautiful. I can’t go because I have the strictest parents on Earth… Taylor Swift is coming to Singapore on 7 and 8 November… YAAASS!! I love Taylor Swift and if u judge her I will murder you…DON’T you DARE utter a word wrongly other badly about her…I love you.. I was just kiddin by the way..I would just get annoyed and angry.. So that’s it people.. thank you n gdbye

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