So…I’m typing from my new phone. It is fabulous.. I love it. It is S4.  Good phone. This is like the best android phone I ever had for myself. ♥yea that’s all I wanted to say.


After a long time,  I talked to y’all and I’ve been tryna keep up with news and stuff n social medias. There was so much in store when  I checked out the celebrity news which is my fave.

An open response to Taylor Swift’s rant against Apple

Ermm, this might be rude to me because I am a Swiftie. But it’s the haters choice cos haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate

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* Updated : Following a statement released by Taylor Swift’s UK agent, I have responded here*

Dear Taylor Swift,

I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service.  

(For reference:

I applaud it. It’s great to have someone with a huge following standing up for the rights of creative people and making a stand against the corporate behemoths who have so much power they can make or break someone’s career. 

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Taylor Swift’s Amazing Achievement

She is generous and donated $50000 to a fan who had cancer if I’m not wrong! Sorry for wrong info on disease if I y’all!! See ya soon babes

Xx, 3sha♡


Hello! How ya doin? So I actually developed this kind of fear. Not fear but maybe you can call it I’m not brave. So, ya..The fear is that since my friends know my crush they ask me questions and stuff so I kind of get really panicky and lost and I don’t have the bravery to confront them. It’s stupid I know but you know how can you not. Hope y’all understand what I’m saying. However, I’m just gonna go on with life. SO I REALLY NEED ENCOURAGEMENT FROM THE WORLD! I SERIOUSLY WISH I JUST LIVED WITH MY DAMN CRUSH! HE’S JUST… IRRESISTIBLY AMAZING!! WE HAVE SO MANY THINGS IN COMMON. I LOVE HIM! ANYWAYS, SHHHHH!

END OF PSLE and 1989 Tour

When PSLE ends on 6th October IM gonna dance.. I will be so happy and go out with my friends, talk to y’all, tweet all day, play, listen to countless songs. However, I need to get good results. That is obviously the most crucial part. Ermmm yea… regarding TAYLOR Swift ‘s 1989 Tour, she’d be coming to Singapore which is where I live in. I am excited but I am not going but my friend is going and I am really jealous. The tickets have already sold out yesterday at 10am which is beautiful. I can’t go because I have the strictest parents on Earth… Taylor Swift is coming to Singapore on 7 and 8 November… YAAASS!! I love Taylor Swift and if u judge her I will murder you…DON’T you DARE utter a word wrongly other badly about her…I love you.. I was just kiddin by the way..I would just get annoyed and angry.. So that’s it people.. thank you n gdbye


Hey there.. it’s been already 5 since I have to concentrate on my examination called PSLE (primary school leaving examination ) , my parents banned me from using the phone and watching the damn television so maybe yesss.. I am pissed.. I mean how can you not live without all these. So I will not be posting as muchシ…maybe once in a month or ya…I hope y’all understand. Those who like what I post thanks. Those who hate what I post, thanks also because no one can control anyone. Don’t wanna drag..just wanted to tell you that I will be posting lesser.. xx.