So..I started school today like the extra lessons and it was Ok but I couldn’t tolerate the motivator speaking nonstop which was making me sleepy….it was really bad though I learnt things such as managing my goals and planning them so ya… It was a restless day and I felt really dumb and restless.**sighs** I am having tuition in 30mins time and I am gonna be obviously dozing off like hell… I am really tired and what makes me sleepier is that I washed my hair and the breeze.. wow! So ya.probably, talk to y’all tomorrow! Xx

Time is way too fast

Hi..it’s been almost a week since I have even posted anything on my blog so..i decided to tell what I’ve been doing for the past 1 week and I’LL update you in the next post which might be tomorrow! ♡ for the past week, I have been lately tweeting, studying, really busy trying to finish up my all my  homework.ツ it is kind of stressful actually.. **sighs**and it’s 11.37pm now and I have school tomorrow. I am gonna sleep in another two minutes so ya..and I will have school from today onwards so I wanted to tell y’all that I will be busy doing homework, studying and having extra supplementary classes so I will not be posting as much as I post during these holidays. Hope y’all understand. Thank you so much for the support.

Twitter Arguments

it’s really hard to not argue with a girl but I am tryna stop it. So this was what happened.. she was spamming the wall for Harry Styles to follow her..I got really pissed & told her to shut up..she accused me of calling her a bit** when I swore I didn’t call her that mean word… then a girl who was dming me on twitter advised me to tolerate with it.. I ignored her so more conflicts won’t occur.. haizZz

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Hi.  I am new to WordPress. MY name is 3sha..(shortform)❤ I am 12 and the reason I created this blog was for me to have a open platform and where not many people will discourage me and I feel there might just be more ideas and more feelings can be expressed through this way other than writing diaries and etcetera. However, I hope this will help you and me and I hope we can learn from each other and benefit from each other. Thank you for the support if you are supporting.
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